Formal Wear

Special occasions call for special textile components. For weddings, uniforms, and office work, our textile solutions provide superior-quality products that are sustainable and designed for formal garments. From jackets and pants to skirts, waistcoats, and overcoats, our products are the soul of the garment. We enable manufacturers to enhance the wearer’s experience with features like mesh panels, stretch bands, and Anti-Bacterial performance for durable, rental-ready formal wear.

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Woven1000100%PES plain weave fusible interlining 40gsmGRS PES-
Woven1010100%PES plain weave fusible interlining 48gsmGRS PES-
Woven1012100%PES broken fine twill weave fusible interlining 47gsmGRS PES-
Woven1021100%PES twill weave fusible interlining 57gsm GRS PES-
Tapes2785NBW/27Mesh tape with colored borders 27mmGRS Polyester-
TapesT253Reflective tape 20mmGRS Polyester-
TapesL1088Black & white drawcord GRS Polyester-
TapesL1115Black & white drawcord with 'OFF THE WALL' logo GRS Polyester-
Tapes620/1/32Semi perforated stretch fusible ban roll PA coatedGRS Polyester-
Tapes620/100/32Stretch tape GRS Polyester-