Home Textile

A comfortable sleep is not a luxury. It affects our well-being, health, stress management, and productivity. That’s why investing in high-quality home textiles for our linen is crucial. Haama’s home textile category goes well beyond sleep-related items and includes solutions for each and every part of our home.

As a trusted name in the industry, we harness our proven experience, expertise, and creativity to deliver sustainable, high-quality fabrics for pillows, blankets, and other quilted home décor elements.

Our products enable businesses worldwide to produce more comfortable, durable, long-lasting finished products. We utilize non-woven, hollow fiber to meet the highest industry standards. Our attention to detail ensures that each stitch contributes to the overall comfort and quality of the item.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is evident in every product and business decision we make. Using eco-friendly materials and procedures helps our business partners and their customers to sleep better in every sense.