Canvas & Felt

Expected to be the back bone of jackets or coats, our extensive collection of canvas and felt does just that. We offer products from feather weight canvas from 80 gsm to heavy 245gsm. The collection of washable canvases is widely used for uniforms and other jackets. Our stitch bond and under collar products complement the package offered to the customers.

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Canvas85101065% Polyester 35% Hair, 195 gsm 150cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas851900W73% Polyester 27% Hair, 175gsm 150cmSoft wash/ Dry cleanRecycled Polyester
Canvas850290100% Polyester, 85gsm 160cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas851291100% Polyester, 100gsm 160cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas852103100% Polyester , 120gsm 160cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas851272C100% Polyester, 170gsm 160cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas85193668% Polyester 32% Hair, 172gsm 160cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas85129765% polyester 25% Hair 10% Viscose, 190gsm 160cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas851919M35% polyester 34% Wool 31% Cotton, 195gsm 150cmWashable Recycled Polyester
Canvas851212C66% polyester 34% wool, 162gsm 160cmDry clean onlyRecycled Polyester