Non-woven Interlining

Interlinings are the second skin of the garments. They support, each type on its way, the structure and performance of the garment, the look and garment longevity. We offer a full variety of woven, knitted and non-woven products, all washable and using GRS recycled Polyester. We offer special products for sensitive sheer fabrics, leather or for uneven surfaces fabrics. Our Dura soft TM  100% Recycled Polyester high quality shirt interlining is a step into the future for classic shirt, added to the classic 100% Cotton range.

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Non Woven3020100%PES Fusible interlinings 28gsmGRS PES-
Non Woven3025100%PES Fusible interlinings 33gsmGRS PES-
Non Woven3030100%PES Fusible interlinings 38gsmGRS PES-
Non Woven8025H100%PES Stiff Fusible interlinings 33gsm heavy washGRS PES-
Non Woven60330100%PES Fusible interlinings 33gsm heavy washGRS PES-
Non Woven3230TDB100% PES Fusible interlining 35gsm with big dotsGRS PES-
Non WovenGR9025100%PES Fusible interlinings 33gsmGRS PES OB Free
Non WovenEZ3039100%PES Fusible interlinings 39gsm Heavy washGRS PES-
Non Woven3035100%PES Fusible interlinings 43gsmGRS PES-
Non Woven3035H100%PES Stiff Fusible interlinings 43gsm heavy washGRS PES-